Interview with Jōrg Frey about the Theology of Jude and 2 Peter

Interview with  Jōrg Frey about the Theology of Jude and 2 Peter

Over at Patheos, there is an extensive interview with theologian Jorg Frey about his commentary on Jude and 2 Peter.

I have been preaching at church on Jude, and will finish on the 6 of January 2019. Give this interview a view. Frey says many interesting, and provocative things about the letters. You may not agree with all of his conclusions, but he does propose a compelling case as to consider 1 Enoch Scripture, at least for Jude.

But the greatest and most provocative assertion by Frey is that Jude opposed Paul’s Christianity. here it’s a quote:

In my view, the letter originates from opposition to the Pauline and Deuteropauline tradition, especially in response to criticism of the veneration of angels, as we have it in Colossians. Possibly the opponents (or the community members the author wants to denigrate as opponents) held views in the Pauline and post-Pauline tradition that critiqued angel veneration. For the opponents, “faith” (that has already become traditional), “freedom,” and “spirit” may be important words for them. But they are now considered disrespectful, denying the divinely installed world order – and thus, in the eyes of the author, they do the same blasphemy as the Watchers did (Gen 6:1-4; 1 Enoch 6-9), or the Sodomites … – and they will share their fate in judgment.

Give it a read. It will make things more interesting.

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