Wayne Grudem lost the plot on immigration

Wayne Grudem lost the plot on immigration

Wayne Grudem has written a theology that will stand the test of time. But his political views leave you much to be desired.

He has recently written a piece for TownHall where he supports the idea of building a wall, taking his clues from Scripture. 

However, some historians, philosophers, and other fellow Christians have taken an issue with such position.  Even a commentator of one of the articles responding to Grudem says "Why is it that Warren needs to school one of evangelicalism's most highly regarded theologians on the 101 of Bible interpretation? This is a sad indictment on the state of evangelical hermeneutics." Unbelievable!!

I rather think that Grudem, due to his ongoing illness, is losing the plot. But even that is very difficult to believe while you see in evangelicalism the same trend.

Read the links provided, and you make your opinon.